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July 24, 2015 by Felipa Villegas

Let’s put aside for a moment that Google’s Algorithm is the cause for all companies to rush into getting a mobile-ready site. Have you thought about just having your website mobile-friendly from the get go? The goal is to display the same information, as it would look on a desktop, however, this time around on a smartphone that fits the palm of your hand.

Market research conducted by comScore mentioned that almost a third of the visitors that reach a website today are via mobile devices. Also, HubSpot, the inbound marketing champions, said that people are browsing 2.8 hours on their mobile devices versus 2.4 hours spent on a desktop. These two facts are reasons enough to have a functional mobile design to display your desired content to bring in you visitors.

Open Enterprise CMS provides responsiveness to websites with easy navigation to those using smartphones. A great looking mobile-ready website also requires visitors to see images at the same resolution as they would on a desktop. A website blog, for example, should allow the visitor to see the content easily on a phone without having to zoom in or out of the frame to read it. Also, adding sharing buttons should be a standard, so visitors can share your content with others. This allows for visitor to help bring in more traffic to your website and potentially attract leads and increase sales.

Example of Open Enterprise CMS Responsive Website on an iPhone 6:

27% of consumers will leave a site if it is not mobile-optimized. Which means if content is the way you’re bringing people in, you may risk losing them well before conversion is even a possibility.

HubSpot Marketing Statistics

Having a mobile-friendly website should be a key part of a company website redesign strategy in order to practice inbound marketing successfully. Also, this helps with ranking well on search engines. However, this can't happen if website visitors leave because the website is too hard to navigate on today's 5 to 6-inch mobile screens. It is now a mobile-first Internet, so remember to check your websites and you'll begin to attract visitors.

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