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June 25, 2015 by Felipa Villegas
Many small businesses need to create new content at a high rate. Seventy-percent of B2Bs are creating more content, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report.
The content creation demand is at an all-time high, but the supply is low. Content marketers have to find ways to create content to satisfy the Internets’ demand for content. How do marketers continually create new and original content? How can they put a new spin on a topic that’s been covered before? And most importantly, how can marketers generate many topics to at least cover three blogs a week?
This blog post will look at three tools to help you create unique and relevant content for your business.

Topic Idea Generators

Sometimes you have an idea of what you want to write about by looking at trending topics in your industry or perhaps even from Twitter. The following three tools can help you overcome the creative block by suggesting themes and titles for your next blog post.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s blog topic generator makes users come up with three nouns and then their algorithms gives you five different topics/titles for potential blog posts. Sometimes of course you have to tweak as they say it’s not a perfect generator, but it will give you an idea of creating more content. I find myself using this tool from time to time and often receive great topics. Below are some examples of topics that were generated for me when I added three nouns.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

by a generator that generates a title for your potential blog posts. All you do is enter your subject or theme based on you blog post theme. Some of these titles can be great, but others can be downright ridiculous and do nothing for your post. If you click refresh enough times, you’ll get a headline you might be interested in using. If anything, at least this generator could make you think of how you can present a blog with a different angle. 


ContentIdeator is different than the other two topic generators in that it'll give you a list of existing titles using the keyword you entered for the generator to search. Use these existing titles for inspiration for your content pieces. Below is an example of the headlines generated from searching “inbound marketing” as the keyword.
Take inspiration from these content idea generators and apply them to you existing content creation if you are in a creative rut or if you are just beginning you content marketing strategy.
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