Top 5 Tips for Remarkable Marketing

August 10, 2015 by Kendall Westbrook

Whether you’re creating marketing campaigns or developing content, it’s important to find core values to focus on that can help transform your marketing from rough to remarkable. Below are our top five tips for remarkable marketing.

Target Your Audience With Content Marketing

 In order to produce strong content that is relevant and relatable, you have to prove that you understand your audience. Figure out what makes them tick and solve their problems. By creating buyer personas and determining the needs, wants, and priorities of your potential customers will allow you to write blogs, create videos, and utilize social media to reach those personas.

Listen, Respond, and Adjust

If you aren’t willing to track your progress using analytics & intelligence, you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t. It’s important to listen to how people are responding to your marketing efforts because it allows you to tailor efforts so that you can get the most value out of marketing campaigns. Sometimes, unexpected efforts end up with the most success; learn your market and you’ll know what works for you.

Add Value

When you’re publishing content, that content’s purpose should be to add value to your readers. LKR Social Media suggests using the 5 Whys Method. Start by asking yourself:

Q:“What does my reader need?”

A: “Answer X,”

Q: “Why do they need answer X?”

A: “Answer Y.”

Repeat this process several times – by the time you’ve finished, you’ll have the core question that your audience wants to ask, as well as several answers to guide your writing. Provide a solution for their problems and you’ll become a valuable source of information.

Become a Reliable Source

Besides being a valuable source of content, it’s also important to become a reliable source. Your readers need to believe that you are a credible source before they trust your content marketing materials. Data is one of the easiest ways to build this credibility. Using your own case studies and research or data sourced from other large or reliable institutions connects your content with already-trusted material.

Motivate Social Sharing

Without social sharing, even the best content reaches a very small audience. Some of the most popular motivations for social sharing are increasing the consumer’s reputation, sharing access to something exclusive, or competing & winning something. Additionally, involving your audience by allowing them to be “co-creators” or asking influential people for content can include those who would normally be left out of the conversation. People are more invested in content when they’ve had a hand in it, and are more likely to share it and encourage others to do so.