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Our advanced blogging system provides you with all the pre-configured tools your business needs to attract and engage potential customers. Create, tag and optimize content for better search engine rankings, then engage users through Disqus' commenting engine.  It's that simple.



Content Management Dashboard

Easily Create Valuable Content

Generate valuable content with a simple page editor that provides powerful content editing tools. Place images, infographics and embed videos...all of which automatically resize based on the visitor's browser or device.



CK Editor Content Template

Organize Content into Silos of Information

Create categories, topics and tags, then organize your content by each, making it easier for users to filter, search and find the information they are most interested in.




Engage Your Audience

Increase return visits and opportunities for sales by engaging your audience within your website. Integration with Disqus commenting engine reduces the barrier of entry for visitors wanting to engage with your content.



Promote Valuable Content

Promote Valuable Content

Our popular post module tracks date of release, readership, and engagement, then orders the posts by most popular - increasing opportunities for thought leadership and conversions. 


Increase Conversions

Increase Conversions

Having strong, strategically placed calls to action (CTAs) is the single most effective way to generate leads through your website. CM2 makes it simple to place, organize and track the effectiveness of your CTA campaigns within your blog articles.


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