User & Role Management

By leveraging Drupal's robust role-based user management system, you can configure and assign access levels based on the type of role(s) a user has.



User Role Creation

User Roles

Give your users the experience they deserve. Open Enterprise's role-based permission system allows you to create different experiences and levels of access based on its flexible and robust permission system. The result is a better user experience tailored specifically to the type of user on your website.



Access Levels

Role-Based Permission Configuration

Custom configure roles, giving varying levels of access and permissions to users administering your website. Give experienced programmers more development access, or lock down your system for content writers. Create role-based support portals and more.



User Role Assignment

Assign Roles To Users

Easily create new user accounts and restrict privelages based on role(s) assigned to each user within your system.



Account Creation

Create & Manage User Accounts

Quickly create new/edit user accounts, assign roles to users, monitor their account activity, and much more.



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